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I offer a wide range of graphic design services including logo design, social media graphics, promotional materials, website design, banners and much more!
Printing can also be arranged, just let me know what you need once your design is complete.


I can design pretty much anything you need, so if it's not actually listed on the website, don't panic! Send a quick email detailing what you need and I'll let you know if it's something I can help you with. 
As always, if you have any questions, they might just be covered in the faq section - but if not, just submit your question via the contact page.



Building a strong brand is crucial for any business in any industry.
At the centre of your branding is your logo, the visual representation of your brand.
Know what you want? Great - let's bring it to life!
​Not quite sure? Don't worry - there are questions to dig it out!

Graphic design and the various other aspects of marketing your business cannot stand alone - everything has to come together - this may seem overwhelming at first, but a good branding strategy for your small business will take the pressure off! Make sure you sign up to the mailing list to receive regular hints and tips about successfully branding your business, and read about the importance of branding here.

The absolute minimum you should have is a brand kit 'cheat sheet' which should be given to anyone who creates any form of brand expression. It shows the exact colour palette, typography, language style & acceptable logo variations to be used. A full branding document is much longer and more in depth.
A strong brand name and logo/imagery, among other things, helps to keep your company in the mind of your potential customers so that when the time comes, you are their first thought. Not only this, effective branding can help build your reputation, make you stand out from your competitors and project your values to attract your ideal client. 
Building a brand is not quick and easy, it takes time, dedication and planning - so do your research or ask for support!
Hit the button to read the blog or pop over an email if you have any questions.

Logo Design: your logo is often the first impression of your business for a prospective customer. While it is only one component of your brand identity, it's an important one. All our bespoke logo designs are completely customised to your requirements so it's totally unique. From simple lettering to hand drawn illustrations, whatever you require. Check out some recent designs HERE, have a look at our FAQ SECTION to find out a little more about how we work, or email with any questions. Your business logo is a key element and everyone has different tastes - what works for one won't work for another.



Your logo should be...

simple | memorable | timeless | versatile | appropriate

Other design services: I can offer graphic design on a huge range of promotional items! If you have a special request then just ask - I aim to respond on the same day where possible and will support your small business however I can, from a logo, to a full range of documents, to a swanky shop sign! Find out about the process below...




First we begin with a free consultation to discuss your project, goals & requirements, then your invoice is created



You will receive a document detailing your next steps and various questions to help me understand what you need



All your content is received and design drafts begin, then tweaked until you're happy


Final design files are sent for download, then we can arrange a print quote for you if needed


A beautifully branded website is essential for any small business.
Together we can create a unique website, customised perfectly for your brand.
Check out the blog page to learn why you need a website and much more!

Websites are a valuable investment for any business, large or small. They help you get found online by potential customers, connect with existing customers directly through social media and email, and market your products/services. They're essential for online presence and visibility. Social media platforms are great, but they don't replace the need for websites!

"A website makes it real"


  • 35% of small business owners feel that their business is too small for a website.

  • 55% of people will search online for reviews and recommendations before making a purchase, with 47% visiting the company website.

Websites don't cost what they used to - so can you afford not to have one?

I can advise you on pretty much any aspect - from purchasing your domain name to building you a stunning, branded website that you can edit yourself with ease. I can even edit for you as and when required to take the pressure off!

I am a proud WiX Partner. I chose WiX to build my client websites as the features and benefits of the platform outweighed others when I did extensive research. Most clients find that once built, they can maintain and update it themselves and if not, I am always on hand to help! I'm currently at WiX ICON level!

I am also an IONOS Partner, I recommend clients purchase domains from IONOS as they have the best service I've ever experienced, and I have used several domain providers in the past - these guys come out on top! 

WiX Icon Level