Why you need a website in 2021 & beyond

Updated: May 16

It’s almost 2022. Pretty sure we’re psychologically still somewhere in mid-2020 wondering what’s going on. Whether you’re feeling like 2020, 21 or 22 – it’s still an age of instant gratification. We want it now, next day delivery, online info at our fingertips and we don’t want to go looking for it.

We want it right there in front of us or we’ll move on elsewhere.

We are facing the largest comms shift in many, many years, probably since the printing press made its debut. We are communicating very differently now, especially since the pandemic.

If you’re not yet invested in a website for your business, let’s look at why you should.

It is expected...

Customers expect any business they use to have a website, and if they don’t, it raises a red flag. Having a website shows you take your business seriously, you’re professional and credible – giving customers the confidence to buy from you. A website is a convenience for a customer, it needs to give them all the information they could possibly need – who you are, where you are, how they can get in touch and more. If it doesn’t, they’ll click elsewhere pretty quickly. Customer journey has never been more important – they want to find all the information as easily and quickly (and in as few clicks) as possible – don’t make them feel like they have to go looking for it, because they won’t!

Take control...

Social media is great for business in many ways, but you’re always at the mercy of the ever-evolving algorithms. You’ll finally start getting somewhere, then you’re back to square one again.

Likes and followers mean very little on social media these days, it’s quality over quantity. If you serve a local area, 3k followers over the globe might make you look great at first glance, but this isn’t going to translate to much business wise. And if customers can only find you on social media, you will lack control, which is where a website comes in to play.

When you have a functioning website, you can begin building trust with potential customers, social proof and testimonials are a great jumping off point.


No matter what your business is, customers will be looking online for you. Are you going to be seen? Because your competitors will. Not having a website will be costing you customers because they cannot find you.

Your website works for you 24/7/365, the best employee you could wish for, and costs a lot less to boot (plus they don’t take time off or need sick pay!) – and websites are one of the most overlooked assets you will have.

You can sell at 3am while you’re sleeping, and customers can submit your contact forms outside your working hours.

Search engines...

When people Google for your industry, are you going to appear in search results?

How many times have you gone past the first page of Google search results?

I’ve done it, but not often, and usually as some form of experiment!

If you're not ranking on the first page, you’re unlikely to be seen. Websites increase your chances of being found dramatically, it doesn’t happen overnight though so it will take work!

Convenient shopping...

If you have a physical store or run your business through social media, then a website will be able to provide another revenue stream. Products can be shown online with thorough descriptions ready for people to click and buy without having to step foot out of the house or even contact you, convenient!

Credible & legitimate...

Having a functional, well thought out website with user journey at the forefront will make you appear credible and reliable. Nothing validates your business to a customer like a website because they are associated with legitimacy. Essentially, if you want to ensure you’re seen as a professional and serious business, you need a website. Anyone can set up a website, but a good website will take more effort.

An investment in marketing...

Traditional marketing like the printed press can become very expensive, very quickly. When most people think ‘website’ they think ‘massive start up and running costs’. While this may have been true in years gone by, not any more. We associate websites with large costs because they play such a huge role in your business. Realistically, you’re looking at relatively low start up and running costs compared to the benefits it will bring to your business. A simple website can typically cost less per month than a takeaway.

Now is the time!

If your business doesn't have a website, this is the sign you’ve been looking for.



Get in touch today to discuss your needs and take advantage of one of the website start up deals!

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