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Updated: May 16

Your website is super important. I’d go as far as saying crucial.

You need to make sure you give every prospective customer the opportunity to find the information they want. Every person that leaves because they can’t find what they want is a missed opportunity!

Website design and content go hand in hand, one without the other is useless.

A great looking website with lovely imagery and features, that has no consideration for user journey, experience and content is pointless.

And vice versa, a website full of useful content with garish off brand colours and imagery will drive a user away.

Your website needs to drive customers to take the action you want them to take, whether that be to book an appointment online, to purchase a product, subscribe to your mailing list or to simply make contact.

Site users want to find exactly the information they want, and they want to find it FAST. If they don’t, they’ll bounce! People are inherently lazy, and lose focus online very quickly!

Think about the last time you were looking for something specific online – how long and hard were you prepared to dig through useless information to find out what you needed? Not long, I bet. But we all love it when we hit a site where the information we want is available in as few clicks as possible! In short, you need to ensure that your website is providing processes and user journeys that get prospective customers the information they want, as quickly and simply as possible.

To ensure these processes, you need to know what your target audience is looking for. Prices? Online booking? Your location? Your contact details? Once you know this, you’re halfway there. You also need to know what YOU want your site users to do on your website, so you can encourage them with calls to action. They achieve their goals, and you achieve yours!



Too many business overlook the importance of branding… many think that getting a cheap logo (or even homemade!) is enough to brand their business. Right? Wrong! Branding is very in depth and requires the combination of many elements, not all visual. Personality, attributes, typography, visual and verbal tones… the list goes on. Every single successful brand has a solid branding foundation behind them! You can read more about the importance of branding here (LINK TO BLOG)

You want your customers, prospective or returning, to get a consistent feel for your brand every time they interact with you. Your website plays a huge part, as well as all your marketing materials, social media platforms etc – it all comes together!


Going mobile

The overwhelming majority of customers will be choosing to view your website on their mobile, rather than a laptop or desktop PC, so it’s imperative that your website is optimised for mobile viewing and that the processes and user journey you’ve planned out translate well to mobile view. People won’t put up with poor user experience and will bounce directly off your website – and as I’ve said before… every customer that leaves the site without taking action or finding what they need, is a missed opportunity.

If you have any questions about your current website, or are looking to find out more about a gorgeous new one – just get in touch!

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