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Updated: May 16

Right now, social media presents a massive opportunity for you to reach your target audience, engage them and increase bookings.

There are several different platforms you can use, and with this range of options it can be difficult to choose which to prioritise to ensure you get optimal results.

This post aims to give an overview of the four main platforms, and which markets they serve best, so you can put your resources where they will matter most.



There are 3.5 billion active social media users globally. That’s 45% of the world’s population, and an increase of 280 million from the beginning of 2018, and the growth rate is continually increasing.

In the UK specifically, there are over 45 million active social media users – equating to around 70% of the population. And 40 million of these people are using their smartphones – so you need to ensure any campaigns are optimised for mobile viewing or your content won’t be having the desired effect.


The UK is a mobile first nation. In a competitive market, you need to stand out from the hundreds of similar businesses that all claim to be just as good as each other. How do you distinguish your business? How do you get prospective customers to notice, trust and buy from YOU?

Well, not via social media alone, that’s for sure. “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” is so true for your business. Social media is one little slice of a much bigger cake! It must be combined with your website, blog, branding, online presence and more. It may seem like a massive stress now, but these building blocks will all work together for the common goal!



Whether you’re a start up and handle all the marketing yourself, or a business trying to manage the social media and balance the books, there never seems to be enough time in the day to prioritise social media. But before you let it fall off your to-do list, remember:

Social media is valuable for businesses of any size and in any industry and being visible on social media will have a direct impact on bookings and sales.

Not only that, the number if social media users happy to buy form you will increase if you utilise your platforms not just for publishing content, but also engaging with your audience. One of the main advantages of social media is the opening up of two way communication.



Missed opportunities and poor customer experiences can cost you business that you have worked tirelessly to build. These are especially dangerous if you are not active and engaging as they will be invisible until it’s too late.



You will need to decide the best platforms for your business – don’t make assumptions about where your target audience spends their time online – do your research!


· expansive, far-reaching platform

· visual and content based

· varied options, business pages, paid post promotion, native ads

· growing with the 55+ demographic

· foreign markets

· great for small ‘niche’ markets – home to many ‘groups’ of individuals with similar, unique interests.


· second only to Facebook

· primary audience of millennials and teens

· visual based – high quality media is a must

· more female active users than male


· mainly younger audience

· a string of retweets can potentially have your contents seen by millions of people

· funny, interactive & thought-provoking content does well

· heavily reliant on sharing to be seen


· business focused, networking platform

· great for connection to other businesses and professionals

· relies more on text-based updates than media heavy content

· great for B2B, small business and niche markets

· primary purpose is business connection, so show you are serious and professional with a good quality headshot, snappy headline and use relevant keywords in your summary

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