Starting a business during a pandemic...

Updated: May 16

Does that sound like a bit of a dumb idea? Yep.

It's quite possibly the most questionable idea I have ever had. But I'm happy I made the decision to start a new business, even if it is smack bang in the middle of a global virus pandemic.

This is an uncertain time for most small businesses. Premises closed with very little notice, cash flow halted and tedious waits for grant applications to be approved, or possibly denied. It's tempting to to pull an ostrich right now and bury your head in the sand - but please don't. You can make the most of this extra time and dedicate some of it to improving your business however you can. That's why I chose this time to start Metamorfosis | Design & Digital Marketing. I want to help as many small businesses prosper as possible, whatever their budget. I have been supporting local community organisations and charities with free design and digital marketing support for quite some time now - and this will continue! Within a week of lockdown I had build my entire website, structured my communications and created a to-do list that I'll likely be working on for the rest of my life... but I am loving it.

Having had my own salon for ten years, and a small training academy, I have faced [and overcome] many of the barriers that small business owners may encounter. This means I am in a position to support and advise other small businesses with many aspects of design, branding, websites, digital marketing and more.

It's a hard slog and a HUGE learning curve. I am learning so much every day. Adobe Illustrator is so challenging, as is figuring out the most effective way to pull information from clients without spending days emailing back and forth - I almost have that down to a fine art now!

I've had loads of positive feedback from designs I've done so far. It seems that I have 'accidentally' specialised in supporting, and designing for, the beauty industry. With a beauty industry background it's not a huge surprise, it seems my expertise lies here and the majority of clients so far have been nail, hair & beauty businesses. There are lots of other businesses contacting me for support, but I'd say 70/30 in favour of the beauty industry.

I've had some amazing offers on so far, partly because I'm a new start up, but mostly because of the difficult times we're facing, and I want to make sure design & digital marketing services are available to all of the little fish. A full branding setup for £250? Yes please! A cheeky rebrand for £200? A set of any 3 document designs for £55? I have been told these offers are too good to be true, or there are going to be hidden costs, but honestly - I have low overheads and plenty of time on my hands [at the moment] so why not help where I can? Of course prices will increase over time as my skill set improves, but for now - get in on the ground floor while you can and grab an amazing deal!

Think of Metamorfosis for all your design & digital marketing needs, let me help you!



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