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faq & processes.

a little about how we work at metamorfosis.

if you have a question that isn't covered here, please submit via email.

a little about how we work at metamorfosis


how do your processes work?

the processes for all design work are slightly different dependent on the project, but the basics are pretty similar. - all projects begin by thoroughly discussing the details of the design project with you, the client. - from this consultation we establish the specific requirements, the brief. - we will also discuss price [unless it's a flat-rate project or special offer] and then you'll receive an email invoice, initial instructions and a link to a form to fill out with details about your project. - once any outstanding balance has been cleared, work can commence and draft design visuals are then forwarded on to you for feedback. - if any alterations are required, these are made and the amended visual is resent. This process continues until we receive client approval.

how long will my project take?

this is entirely dependent on what work needs to be done, and whether you know what you want! for example, a logo design can take anywhere from a few hours, to a few days to a few weeks depending on how many drafts and tweaks are required. if you know what you want, the process is significantly faster! if you have branding guidelines in place for your business, this also speeds things up. single projects such as documents or social media graphics are much faster, but projects such as branding packages and website builds can take a while, so if you have a deadline, you must let me know.

what are your payment terms?

payment of invoice is required before work commences. payment plans can be discussed, but are at our discretion and not guaranteed. payment via bank transfer is preferred, but PayPal is also accepted for some projects.

why don't you have a price list?

due to the unique nature of every project, a custom quote is necessary for each! however, there are often flat rate special offers available for those on a tight budget!

do I really need to fill out the questionnaire forms?

yes. the design process starts with you answering some basic questions about your business and project in a creative brief. this will provide important information about you and your company so that you receive the best service possible.

I need a design urgently, like yesterday, can you help?

usually, yes. rush charges can vary depending on the urgency of the project but average from 50% up to 200%. under a 3 day tunraround starts at a 50% rush charge and increases from there. much like paying extra for next day delivery, it’s like expedited design at a premium. needing to burn the midnight oil for me to meet your project deadline means you gotta pay a bit extra!


for the most part, refunds are not possible due to the nature of the work involved. on occasion however, if I am unable to complete your project for any reason, refunds can be issued. if no work has been carried out, then a full refund will be issued. if work has been carried out, then only a partial refund will be issued to cover lost time. this is non-negotiable and forms part of the terms and conditions of service.

how soon do I need to get the required information over to you?

although you can take as long as you need to send over your information, sooner is better! if you cannot send over the required information, please do let me know as I will need to move on to other projects. however, this does mean that you won't be top of the list when I do receive your info and may have to wait until current projects are completed. so please do have your information ready when you book your slot!

logo design

can you copy a logo for me?

sorry, no! copying someone else's logo is completely off the table for several reasons. first off, it's just bad manners to copy another business/designer, and no way to make friends! secondly, every business is unique, as should their logo be. I'm more than happy for you to send images to use as inspiration and to show the style of logo you prefer, but a request to copy a logo will always be denied.

do I get a logo included with other designs?

logo design is not included with any other design unless part of a package - if you do not have a logo and need one creating for your business, then I can create one for you at cost. please mention at consultation if you need any additional logo design.

can I use a logo designed elsewhere in my design project?

of course, but there are restrictions. if you are providing a logo made elsewhere, it must be a high resolution, quality [preferably vector] file. If the logo file provided is of poor quality I will be unable to include it in any design projects as it will affect the overall quality of the design and will not print well. this includes logos made on free apps such as canva & picsart. I use professional design software to create client projects and this requires good quality elements to be used as part of designs - if you need a professional logo, I can create one for you!

how many choices do I get with a logo design?

all of our logo designs usually come with around three designs to choose from. once you have chosen your design you may modify it until you are happy with it! I believe in your complete satisfaction. I will continue to work with you to refine your design until you are completely happy, and offer unlimited* revisions on your design project within the confines set out in the original design brief. *unlimited revisions are within reason, of course, and before the design is finalised. once a logo design has been finalised, any future edits will incur a charge.


will you purchase my domain and hosting on my behalf?

I do not purchase domains or hosting on behalf of clients. it is best practice for you to purchase your own domain and hosting to ensure you have full control and ownership - this saves running in to issues in future. I can recommend where to purchase your domain and hosting, and add your site to my management account, but you will remain in complete control.

what websites do you build?

I use Wix to build client websites. I am an official Wix partner and manage all client sites from my partner account. I find Wix is the most user friendly platform for clients to be able to continue to update and maintain their own sites once built, but I am always here to help if you're not tech savvy.

will you edit my current website?

if your website is on Wix then I will add your site to my partner account and edit your site, but I no longer edit sites on other platforms that I have not built myself due to time constraints. this may change in future, but currently I will only edit Wix sites.

where should I purchase my domain & hosting?

I recommend IONOS for purchase of domains and hosting. I am an IONOS partner and manage most client sites from my partner account.

how long will my website take?

this depends on several factors including how much work I have queued at the time, how many pages are required, whether you have brand guidelines already set up, whether content creation is needed, among other things. if you have a deadline for your project you must let me know during consultation. website lead times are usually at least 4 weeks so please check current lead times when we discuss your project initially.


will you provide content for me?

any content for documents, websites etc must be provided by you. content creation is never included in design cost. I am happy to discuss content creation, however this is a chargeable service. if you require assistance with content, please esnure this is mentioned in your consultation.

how soon can my project be started?

we will discuss a projected start date during consultation, before invoicing and starting paperwork - if you have a specific deadline you must let me know before making payment.

do you offer printing?

yes! just ask for a quote and I will arrange, print prices can fluctuate though so I would recommend getiing a quote once all your designs are ready for print, so you get the most accurate price. I have an excellent print partner with a quick turnaround for most common printing. specialised items may take a little longer. delivery is also FREE to your nominated address.

why can't I just use a free design app to create my own designs?

you absolutely can, but you shouldn't. your branding and marketing materials are often the first point of contact with potential customers. you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, this means your branding needs to project the right image. metamorfosis will produce marketing materials that will help to convey to potential customers the professionalism of your company and the services you offer. by producing your own marketing materials you run the risk of appearing amateurish, meaning the loss of potential customers. this is one of the reasons I started metamorfosis, having been a small business owner for over 10 years and seeing extortionate design and digital marketing prices, I wanted to make professional design accessible to all, little fish included!

what services do you offer?

metamorfosis offers a wide range of design & digital marketing services such as - logo design - social media graphics - posters - leaflets - websites - business stationery - banners - signs - brochures - vouchers - stickers ...and lots more! Whatever you need, just ask! metamorfosis can also help with printing, proof reading, content creation, copywriting, small business support, website appraisal & social media checks.

I don't like some of the designs in your portfolio, should I go somewhere else?

every design is unique and created with a specific client brief in mind, so what suits one brand will not fit in with another. design consultations are free, and if either party feels that the partnership isn't a good fit, there's no obligation to continue.

I don't like my first drafts, can I get a refund?

all payments are non-refundable. first drafts are as much to learn about your dislikes as your likes. your design will be modified until you are happy with it, so don't panic!

who is behind metamorfosis?

metamorfosis is run by Kate. for 10 years I had my own small business, a salon and training academy. I won national awards for my nail work and taught classes on behalf of the largest global nail brand, CND, to students all over the country. I have always been a creative person, and when I decided to move on from my salon and change careers, I knew I wanted to continue down a creative path, but I am also passionate about supporting small businesses to achieve their goals! I remember enquiring about graphic design and marketing support as a small business owner and being shocked at some of the quotes received, so I decided to put my talents to good use and my aim is to make design & digital marketing services accessible to everyone, "little fish included" having had a salon for so long, I have 'accidentally' specialised in designing for the nail & beauty industry - but I design for, and support, all sorts of businesses in many different industries! get in touch today to see how I can help you smash your goals!

I'm on a tight budget, can you help me?

I try to help everyone as much as possible! I try to do a few random acts of kindess for small businesses each month, but these are reserved exclusively for those who regularly engage with metamorfosis! I'm running a business just like you, but I am happy to discuss payment plans and working to a budget too!

will you do a free mock-up design?

that’s a no, sorry! I don’t carry out spec work for free, unfortunately. you are welcome to take a look at my portfolio, and consultations are free to help you decide if we'd be a good fit.

do you do character illustrations?

nope! this is partly because character illustrations are incredibly time consuming. I also firmly believe that this type of logo doesn't project the most professional image for a strong brand identity. that's just my opinion though, don't shoot!

can you use an image I found online?

images pulled from websites are often low resolution and do not reproduce well on printed pieces. they may be OK to use in a digital piece, like social media graphics, but not in a printed product. the other consideration is copyright and permission to use that image. if you need to source an image, designers have access to stock libraries where a license can be purchased to use specific images - even though you can find most images with a search engine, this doesn't mean you can use them in commercial projects.

do you offer packages?

yes. there are a variety of different packages to fit different needs, the most popular being a custom package that is further tailored to your requirements. I offer branding packages as well as individual packages. check out the special offers page for the latest deals!

what is social media design?

social media platforms such as facebook, twitter and instagram have specific sizes to their profile and banner images, as well as posts. I will design images to suit your brand that will fit exactly within each social media platform dimensions. this will provide you with consistent branding across all of your platforms.


how will I receive my files?

this is mostly dependent on file size. most files will be sent via a file fransfer service, where you receive a link for you to download your files.

who owns the designs once completed?

ownership of all work carried out by us transfers to the client as soon as the balance has been settled in full and the project is complete. we do, however, reserve the right to use any work for promotional purposes. if your design is for a pre-launch of a brand, let us know when we are able to share designs on our platforms so we don't spoil the surprise!

what file format will I receive?

file format depends mostly on end usage and whether the design is for web or print. Print files will usually be provided in .PDF format. if your end usage requires a particular format, for example, a shop sign, this will be provided.

can you send my files in a format I can edit myself?

unfortunately the answer is usually no. as a designer, I use specialised graphic design software, such as adobe creative suite, so unless you have access to, and knowledge of, this software it wouldn’t be possible [or recommended!] to edit it yourself.

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